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The Treatment


What can I expect at the first treatment of my pet?


The first consultation will take approximately one hour and involves collecting a detailed history of your pet from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach as well as a thorough physical examination of your pet. Ideally we have your pet's medical history from your regular vet at the time of the first consultation.

After establishing a TCM diagnosis, a treatment plan will be created specific to your pet’s condition and your pet will receive the first acupuncture treatment.

What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?

In many cases there is marked improvement of symptoms in the first few days following an acupuncture treatment

Sometimes there is no obvious change in the symptoms, but the animal may seem “brighter” or more energetic

In some cases symptoms improve for 24- 48 hours, then can slowly regress 
again, or symptoms get worse for 12 - 24 hours, then improve rapidly- this is very different from patient to patient.

Many owners report that their pet sleeps for several hours after the acupuncture treatment. Some animals have an increased appetite shortly after the treatment, some do not want to eat for the rest of the day - Each patient is unique!

With subsequent treatments gradual improvement is to be expected, until there is complete recovery or a plateau is reached. For chronic conditions, several subsequent treatments may be required to maintain the plateau.                              

Things to know

·      Acupuncture is usually well tolerated by animals and you may even find your pet running towards the vet after a couple of treatments!

·      If your animal is food-driven and relaxes better with treats, feel free to bring your pet’s favourite treats to the treatment sessions

·      If your pet has a favourite blanket or bed to lie on and you think it may make your furry kid more comfortable during treatment, bring it along!

·      To achieve the best possible treatment results, we ask you to provide us with the medical history of your pet from your regular veterinarian 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment

·      If your animal is under current treatment with steroids, a slower response to treatment with acupuncture is to be expected

·      Depending on the condition and its severity, some patients do not respond to treatment, this is usually evident after 4-6 treatments. In these cases we will discuss further treatment options

·      Please take your dog for a good walk prior to the treatment, if his/her condition allows this, as most dogs are more relaxed after exercise

·      After your pet’s acupuncture treatment avoid excessive exercise or stress for the rest of the day.

What conditions can be treated with acupuncture?


·      Musculoskeletal disorders:

o  Osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, intervertebral disc disease

o  Acute and chronic muscular injuries (strains, sprains, tears)

o  Postoperative pain and restriction of movement by swelling, scar tissue and muscle wastage

·      Geriatric problems and palliative care

·      Disorders of respiratory, urogenital and gastrointestinal tract, eyes, ears and skin

·      Allergies and disorders of the immune system

·      Behavioural problems (e.g. fear, separation anxiety, lick granuloma)

·      Healing after trauma (e.g. car accident, attacked by another animal)