Poppy, DJ and Jolie

We are hugely grateful for the fantastic work Hester has done helping us with the health and behaviour issues with our dogs. My partner and I are the proud owners of 3 dogs that were rescued independently. Each of the 3 dogs (all female) had a very rough start to life and we do the best we can to give them a loving, comfortable, happy home. The challenges that come with rescuing animals like this are well known, and our case is no different. Each of our 3 dogs have different issues that we had been treating with advice and medication sourced through a highly reputable vet and unfortunately in our dogs case we were struggling to get positive results. It was at this point we reached out to Hester.


The main issues that we wanted Hester to address with Acupuncture were:

  • One of our dogs (DJ) has a very weak immune system- any healing is very slow and she seemed to have a high risk of infection. We found that after only a couple of treatments there were improvements in the sites she was having issues with (particularly tips of ears and tip of tail). 

  • Another dog (Jolie) had poor joints and problems with her hips. After only 3 treatments, Jolie jumped into the back of the car on her own- something she had never done before because of the problems she has with her joints. Several months on, she still can make this jump and seems to still be improving.

  • Our third dog (Poppy) had serious behavioural issues- particularly with other dogs that she is unfamiliar with. I thought Poppy would not accept the needles but I was really surprised to see she managed them without a problem at all- in fact they seemed to relax her somewhat. She even fell asleep a couple of times during treatment. The results we have gained with her behaviour have far surpassed the results we were getting with the medication that we were prescribed from another vet and we have since stopped medication.


While we were admittedly unsure of what could be achieved with acupuncture, it’s now safe to say we are convinced in its effectiveness and are very grateful for the excellent work that Hester has done. Hester is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced vet who we found to be, professional, honest and really easy to deal with. The results her acupuncture treatments have produced in our dogs speak for themselves and we have no problem recommending Hester to anyone. 


Thank you Hester! From Scott and Helen.



Teddy ended up having acupuncture after he injured his front leg.  We just weren't seeing the results with traditional options for this injury so we turned to Hester to see if acupuncture would help and it did.  After a few sessions he was back to normal.  Thank you. Sue



Phoebe came into our care as a 6 month old kitten who had both of her knees operated on after we discovered that her knees dislocated every time she walked.  After surgery to fix this we used Hester to help with her rehab.  It's now a year down the track and Phoebe is sitting like a 'real' cat and she now jumps up onto the coach instead of pulling herself up.

The combination of acupuncture and surgery has done Phoebe a world of good. Thank you. Sue