Who We Are

Dr. Hester Massop DVM NVE CVA

Dr. Hester Massop's passion for animals led her to study Veterinary Medicine in Ghent, Belgium. Originally from the Netherlands, she worked in her home country and the UK in Mixed, Small Animal, and Equine Practices for several years. She met and fell in love with her husband and decided to stay on this side of the world. Since passing the New Zealand National Veterinary Exams, she has been working in Mixed and Small Animal Practices here.

Experiencing the benefits of complementary treatments that work hand in hand with accepted veterinary practice, Hester decided to study for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society Certificate for Veterinary Acupuncture and successfully completed the 2018 course. During and after her acupuncture studies, Hester has seen good results in using acupuncture to help treat a variety of problems relating to animal behavioural issues, health issues and surgical recovery. 

Hester and her husband are proud owners of two cheeky older guinea pigs. One of them with multiple health issues, which are maintained with a combination of laser acupuncture and herbal tincture. 

Hester has been involved as a volunteer veterinarian with the Spanky Project in Cuba working with horses and some small animals. She also spent time in the Gambia with the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. Due to her interest in horses' feet she furthermore completed the farrier course run by Pacific Coast Horse Shoeing School in California.

Wanting to do more for animals and seeing the limitations of Western medicine, Hester is enjoying helping animals get better with acupuncture. For many conditions that are difficult to solve with conventional medicine, integrative medicine or Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine offer a promising and affordable alternative.